Past Simple or Present Perfect 2 - Perfect English Grammar She broke her leg question.

She broke her leg question

She broke her leg questionSo my 12 year old daughter just broke her leg. She has a full leg cast and has to be on crutches while we are on our Disney cruise. Will we need to alert a crew member and is there anything we can do to make it easier for her? ”Did actress Stockard Channing really hurt her leg or is that wheelchair she sits in on TVs West Wing just for her character the First Lady - trivia question /questions answer / answers. She really did hurt her leg broke her leg or her ankle, and the writers had to write her injury into the script.The chair's leg is broken is grammatically correct — it's the correct use of possessive. However. You can also view my other answer here for a similar question.However, the punch line in this case, "then she crossed her legs and broke my glasses" makes it clear that it is the narrator's lips and the girl's vaginal "lips". In other words, he assuming it is a he had his lips on her vagina, not on her face which you were initally lead to believe. Staatliche investitionsbank frankreich. My mother broke her ankle about 6 weeks ago and had it operated on and then was put in a nursing home. Well she has been there for 6 weeks now and I'm wondering if anybody knows what the average stay is for this type of thing as she cannot walk with crutches since she is old and does not have the balance, they say they still dont feel comfortable in sending her home yet as this week they say.Know each other for a few months before they. get married. break her leg, so she can't come skiing. Check. know about the problem for months, but I.How do you say this in Polish? 1. She slept badly whenever she drank beer. 2. To get fit for the marathon, I was running every day. 3. She broke her leg while she was skiing.

So my 12 year old daughter just broke her leg. Disney Parks Moms Panel

And when I say "talk," I mean get his John Hancock and a retainer. See more » Marking one of her final television performances, Classic star and U. Shrewd Attorney Milton Porter (Kevin Mc Carthy), defending a client against plagiarism, and filing a counter-suit regarding copyright infringement, solicits expert witness Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), whom he welcomes to the Dallas Airport.But as Jessica and Milton cross the exterior sidewalk, en route to the Porter limousine, playful children collide with a baggage handler, who trips into Jessica, causing her to fall onto the sidewalk, spraining her ankle in the process.Milton transports Jessica to an expensive private hospital, operated by (and named after) Doctor Samuel ' Sam' Garver (Stephen Elliott), a precise physician with a tyrannical approach to organizing his operation, firm with his staff, but kind to Head Nurse Marge Horton (Susan Oliver), who arranges for Jessica's processing. (Miss Oliver had recently portrayed Doctor Laura Horton on a daytime serial, which may account for the name of her character here.) Rivals for a promotion to a position at Samuel Garver Hospital, a dilemma which would leave the loser unemployed, Doctor Wes Kenyon (Sam Groom) and Doctor Ellison (Martin Kove) exhibit their finer qualities around the hospital yet their more cynical attributes toward each other.Ellison fits Jessica with her cast, with the able assistance of Attending Nurse Jennie Wells (Kay Lenz), who subsequently guides Jessica into her room for an overnight visit."Doctor Sam," as Garver prefers to be addressed by his patients, tosses a lavish dinner party at his nearby residence this evening, inviting Wes Kenyon to this, with the idea of inviting Ellison to brunch this coming Sunday, in order to prevent the appearance of displaying partiality.Bickering couple Billy Don Baker (James Gammon) and Melanie Barker (Victoria Carroll) also attend Doctor Sam's reception, when Melanie reminds him of her scheduled check-up at the hospital in the morning.

Did actress Stockard Channing really hurt her leg, or is..

She broke her leg question Did actress Stockard Channing really hurt her leg or is that wheelchair she sits in on TVs West Wing just for her character the First Lady - trivia question /questions answer / answersFor example, in The old lady is writing a play, the auxiliary is helps the main verb writing by. Compare She broke her leg. It is used to form questions.Have you heard that Sally has broken her leg and needs surgery? She will be needing a lot of help from her family and friends. Did you hear that Sally's broken her leg? is fine, and implies more information about the leg Did you hear that Sally's broken her leg? She's going to have surgery tomorrow. Book trivia question In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Mrs. Figg can't babysit Harry because she broke her leg. How did she break her leg? Harry.She was 86 at the time. Because of her limited mobility BEFORE the broken leg happened because of her arthritic knees, it was apparent to me pretty quickly that no amount of rehab PT or OT was going to get my Mom out of her wheelchair. When she broke her leg and had to have surgery, the surgeon told us she couldn't put ANY weight on her leg.Directed by Charles S. Dubin. With Angela Lansbury, Eddie Bracken, Victoria Carroll, Stephen Elliott. While in the hospital with a fractured leg, Jessica investigates the murder of a doctor.

Scott as Henry the Chauffeur, Paul Tuerpe as Security Guard #1, and Gerald York as Security Guard #2.This episode marks the first of two "MSW" guest roles each for Susan Oliver, Bo Hopkins and Fred D.Scott, and the first of three "MSW's" each for Kevin Mc Carthy and Gerald York. Just before they mounted the stage they would often exhort each other to 'break a leg', meaning good luck or give it your best shot. It always.Ask a Question. Ask us a question and we'll respond if possible. We receive a large number of questions and are unable to answer every one. But if you don't hear back, many questions, particularly those involving Medicaid law, are best answered by a local elder law attorney. To find a qualified elder law attorney near you, click here.She broke her leg yesterday; This statement tells us when the person's leg got broken. The emphasis is shifted to a specific point in the past; she is not breaking her leg now, ergo "She is breaking her leg yesterday" is grammatically unsound. Likewise we would not say "She was breaking her leg yesterday" because the action is not an ongoing one.

The chair's leg is broken. Is it a grammatically correct sentence..

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Firefox Add-ons Store. Real estate broker fees. Judy is an avid cyclist. She often likes to ride her bicycle after work to unwind. One evening, while reflecting on her day, she realizes that she has broken her normal leg rhythm. This perception of her leg movements is now being processed by Judy at the ____ level.When my cat broke her leg, it was obvious. She wouldn't walk on it and she was crying a lot and loudly. Her leg just dangled when she walked. We took her to the vet that day. Cats have a high tolerance for pain, so they don't usually cry unless it is really bad.He fell and broke his leg while performing a job for them. another medical question. What should he do? p559. a degree on her job in California that she can no.

She broke her leg question

Our lips touched then she crossed her legs and broke my..

In the exchange we learn that Sally broke her leg while skiing.A: why they all sounded equally valid to me, in fairness sentence number 3 sounded the weakest candidate to me because it seems that the news of Sally's accident is very recent and conveys greater intensity.As I tried to explain earlier, I was wondering how switching the past simple with the present perfect might change the meaning of the first line. Foreign currency trading online. If I say "Sally broke her leg yesterday" maybe you can guess it. thing, and the news will probably elicit a question of the specified time. There's.My boston terrier broke her leg and shows absolutely NO SIGNS OF PAIN! so that is very strange but she supposedly needs surgery the break isnt really seriouse it started as a fracture but since shes really active it went from a fracture to a break. So my actual question is what are the price ranges to get surgical plates installed and do u think that she needs that or are there any other.Dominique broke her leg right before she was going on spring break with her friends. "It figures," she says. "Things like this always happen to me exactly when they shouldn't. That's just the way it is." This is an example of

She broke her leg questionQuestion about broken ankle with a 76 year old woman.

Does it affect how I write the rest of the sentence? If you use the past tense the leg could still be broken, but past tense doesn't indicate that fact.If I say "Sally broke her leg yesterday" maybe you can guess it probably is still broken but if I say "Sally broke her leg 6 months ago" there's a good chance it's healed by now and past tense gives you no indication of whether it is still broken.Similarly, to indicate that Sally's leg is still broken, stay away from the participial phrase form (your example #3). Especially in this context, a sentence starting, "have you heard", there is no indication that the action being described is still happening.If I ask you "have you heard about the mariner shooting the albatross?" you should not conclude that the mariner is still shooting the albatross. The present perfect form (your examples #2 and #5) indicates that something happened in the very recent past so for something that takes as long to heal as a broken leg it should reasonably indicate that the leg is still broken, but to be absolutely clear have you considered the present tense?